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About us

Komal Engineers & Consultants addresses the need for organizations to produce and deliver the best products, fast and at the lowest cost. Based on the combination of Engineering knowledge, software skills & industrial experience, Komal Engineers & Consultants offers a wide spectrum of engineering solutions to organization in the following industries.

  1. Automotive
  2. Electrical & Electronics
  3. Pharma Industries
  4. Consumer & Heavy Instruments

Our participation in approval drawing, detail design and analysis stages help to shrink prototype and manufacturing times, accelerating the time to market by compressing the product development time. Engineering services from the Komal Engineers & Consultants helps customers to realize various high impact benefits including

  1. Systematic retention of knowledge
  2. Cross fertilization of best practices across your projects
  3. Dedicated Services
  4. Best value for money
  5. Low management overheads
  6. Rapid ramp up of resources.

Organization today operates in an environment where competitive market demands not only to shrink the time to market but also to narrow the launch window. Komal Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is conceived to meet business challenge. The Komal Engineers & Consultants has developed its arm to provide the design, manufacturing & process solution in the industry. The services provided by Komal Engineers & Consultants are as follows

Design : Komal Engineers & Consultants has developed its arm to provide the end to end services and to realize the customer concept and to materialize the concept in actual models and in to the prototype.

To cater to the design services mainly Komal Engineers and Consultants start from the concept design, 3D modeling, Assembly modeling, Interference studies, tolerance analysis and detailed product design. Following are the design activities are done:
Concept Realization, Product Design, Machine Design, Process Design, Tool Design, Assembly Modeling, and interference studies, Reverse Engineering.

Manufacturing : Komal Engineers and Consultants take the project for prototype development, product development to its final approval and product launching. We also take the automation project. We do manufacture the Sheet metal stamping tools, Plastic injection moulds, Pressure Die Casting Dies, Jigs and Fixtures & gauges as per the customer requirement or as per project requirement.
Our one of Division now manufacturing Solvent and Refinery machinery as per the customer requirement. We also provide the Spare parts for these industries.

Consultancy : Komal Engineers and Consultants provide the Onsite & Offsite Consultancy for the product development, Tool Development, Trouble shooting, Process development.

Komal Engineers & Consultants realize that whilst it has a powerful array of physical assets at its disposal, assets alone amount to little without and organizing principle. At Komal Engineers, the organizing principle which infuses the corporate structure with spirited vision is embodied in the company values. Komal Engineers has strong belief, which has been defined by a wealth of experience. The company understands that the values that will optimize its growth for next coming years.

  • A commitment to quality
  • Cost Consciousness
  • On time Delivery
  • Total Customer Care
  • Strong Engineering capabilities
  • A commitment to service the client with such cost effective quality solutions.


To support the customer with technology oriented CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM solutions to grow and be first in their industries.
To provide the best in class service to attain their goals
To provide complete solution in Design, Manufacturing and Project managements.


To be among fortune 500 companies by 2020.


Core Values

• Integrity
• Leading Change
• Excellence
• Respect for individuals
• Learning and Sharing



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