Case Studies

Clutch, Brake & Hydraulic System for Mahindra Tractor

Client : Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (FED), Kandivali, Mumbai
(Manufacturer & Exporter of Tractors)
Project Description : To develop the Brake, Clutch & Hydraulic System for Mahindra & Mahindra FED, for their Horizon 3 Project.
Responsibility : Our responsibility includes the project analysis, Product analysis, System analysis, co-ordination and feedback with the customer about the product competence enhancement, process defining, scheduling, and prototyping. Pre tooling component & tool up components & assemblies


A set of 40 Stamping & Forming Tools

Client : Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (FED), Kandivali, Mumbai
(Manufacturer & Exporter of Tractors)
Project Description : To develop the tools for the entire product being developed for Tractor, Tools development time frame was 45 days.
Responsibility : Tool Designing, Tool Development, Trial & Tooled Production being carried out with in the time frame.


Automotive Wipers for GE Electric, USA

Client : Allied Spares & Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd., Vapi, Gujrat
(Manufacturer of Automotive Wipers for Mahindra & Mahindra, Telco, Fiat, GE Electric, USA, Ford in the brand name of Camoflex)
Project Description : To design and develop the Wiper system & Tools for the GE Electric USA,
Responsibility : Wiper Design, Tool Design & Tool Development, Wiper Testing, Reverse Engineering


Industrial Ringers, Plastic Gear, Other Automotive Products & Plastics Injection Moulds

Client : Universal Mould & Tools, New Delhi
(Manufacturer of Plastic Injection moulds & Plastic components for Automotive, Electrical & Electronics Industries)
Project Description : Industrial Ringers, Plastic Gears, Automotive Key Assy.
Responsibility : Design, Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Tool Design & Tool Development


Automotive, Electrical & Electronics Casting Products & Gas Regulators

Client : Auto & General Castings Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
(Manufacturer of Gas regulators, OEM for Aluminium & Zinc Alloys Casting for Automotive, Electrical, Electronics & consumer Products)
Project Description : Gas Regulator, Automotive Casting
Scope : Reverse Engineering, Tool Design & Tool Development


Product up gradation, Process Automation, Product Standardization

Client : Thermolab Scientific Equipments Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
(Manufacturer of Scientific Testing Machines for Pharma, Food, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics Sector)
Project Description : Product Design, Product Development, Product Optimization, Automation, Standardization
Scope :
  1. Customization & Standardization of all products to reduce the product inventory
  2. Process up gradation at all station
  3. Accessories standardizations
  4. Product Design done from Fabrication to Bolting of the panels
  5. Machine Design
  6. System Design and implementation
  7. Training & Failure Analysis
  8. Control Panel Design
  9. Plastic Injection Moulds for Control Panels


Refineries Plant Setup

Client : Aajwa Refineries, Silvasa, Ambika, Memadabad,
(The company are in the business of oil refineries)
Project Description : Refineries Section being developed by us of capacity 50 ton.
Scope :

Following Equipments being made, Erected & commissioned by us to set up refineries Plant.

  1. DEO
  2. Buffer Cooler
  3. Heat Exchanger
  4. Super Heater
  5. Bag Filtration System
  6. Dearator
  7. Pneumatic System


Solvent Plant Setup

Client : Gujrat Ambuja Exports, Gujrat
(The company are in the business of oil extraction)
Project Description : We have set the Solvent Plant capacity of 500 ton. & 1500 ton.
Scope :

Following Equipments being made, erected and commissioned to set up the solvent plant.

  1. Extractor
  2. DT (Dehagniser Toster)
  3. Condenser
  4. Missela Filteration System
  5. Heat Exchanger
  6. Conveyor


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