Industries we serve

Automotive and Transportation Industries

Our main area of activities in automotive and transportation industry is product and process development solutions. We provide complete solutions for prototype, product development and part manufacturing. Read more

Engineering Industries

We provide the Engineering technical consultancy and manufacturing Solutions for Product Design, Product Development, Tool Design and Tool Development. We also work as Engineering Outsourcing organization for this industry. We manufacture Sheet metal and Machined Engineering Parts. We also take plant and equipment manufacturing for refineries and solvent, textile industries, which enable the customer to get the right engineered solution at single roof. Read more

Pharmaceutical and SPM Industries

We provide the product based design and engineering solutions to the customer. Example: Machine Design, Automation of Manufacturing Lines. Read more

Tool Engineering

Komal Engineers and Consultants provide the technical consulting and manufacturing solutions to tool industries. Our Experience, Design Capabilities to design critical tools and manufacturing network helps us to be market leader in this segment. We provide Tooling Solutions for following industries

  1. Sheet Metal Industries : Komal Engineers and Consultants provide solution is sheet metal industries with varieties of application tools viz: Blanking, Piercing, Bending, Forming, Draw, Progressive, Compound, and Combination Dies.
  2. Plastic Industries : Komal Engineers and Consultants provide solutions for plastic industries with Two Plate Injection Mould, Three Plate Injection Moulds, Hot Runner Moulds, Family Moulds, Compression Moulds, and Blow Moulds.
  3. Foundry Indsutries : We provide solutions for foundry industry with Hot Chamber Die Casting Dies, Cold Chamber Die Casting Dies and with Hot and Cold Forging Dies.
  4. Jigs and Fixtures : Welding Fixture, Assembly Fixture, Drill Jigs, Inspection Fixtures and Gauges are the some of the examples of solution provided in these segments. These solutions are the industry specific solutions.
    Read more

CAD/CAM/CAE Industries

Komal Engineers and Consultants fully work with the need of the customer in CAD/CAM/CAE industry. We are associated with the world’s leaders to support Indian Industries with leading product and services. Read more

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