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Product Design

Product Design

Komal Engineers and Consultants is equipped with the skills needed to bring products from conception to market. We are managing the design projects, and subcontract areas to other sectors of the design industry. Aesthetics is considered important in Product Design but we also deal with important aspects including technology, economics, usability, stress analysis and materials engineering.

As with most of the design fields the idea for the design of a product arises from a need and has a use. It follows a certain method and can sometimes be attributed to more complex factors such as association and telesis.

Komal Engineers and consultants do the product design by generating the idea, develop the cocept, testing and manufacturing or implementation of a physical object or service. We conceptualize and evaluate ideas, making them tangible through products in a more systematic approach. The role of a Komal Engineers encompasses many characteristics of the marketing manager, product manager, industrial designer and design engineer.

Our role in product design combines art, science and technology to create tangible three-dimensional goods. This evolving role has been facilitated by digital tools that allow us to communicate, visualize and analyze ideas in a way that would have taken greater manpower in the past.



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